About Us


Through commitment to the values of equity, integrity, quality, transparency and inclusiveness, Maggotty High seeks to:

  • Provide a student-friendly environment which caters for the holistic development of learners
  • Acquire, retain, develop, utilize and reward the highest level of human resources
  • Create and strengthen partnerships with, and engender a culture of accountability among all stakeholders


To be the premier secondary educational institution where students will access the academic, technical/ vocational, and life skills necessary for becoming role models and nation builders.

About Maggotty High School

Maggotty High School is a co-educational facility located in North-Western St. Elizabeth. The school began its impact on the community of Maggotty since its inception in 1971. The institution has undergone many changes, moving from a Junior Secondary School in 1971 to new Secondary in 1974. The school has now achieved High School status since 1988.


At Maggotty High School we are committed to an honest approach in the the following disciplines.

Our school’s student body consists of scholars and emerging scholars who have passion and interests in history, writing, science, and mathematics as well as the performing arts, visual arts, and athletics.

By fostering an environment of high Integrity we aim to develop a distinguished crop of tomorrow’s nation builders.

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